Worship and Prayer

At the heart of the life of all Christian churches is Worship and Prayer. We are made and called to be in a relationship with God. When we gather to worship, we meet wtih the living God and offer him our praise and thanks and adoration. As we meet with him and encounter his love and power afresh, we offer our thanks and concerns into his hands as we pray to him.


Our team of churches holds a range of different ways of engaging in worship. Worship contains elements and forms of prayer, learning from the Bible and, in some cases sharing the communion meal that marks out Christian worship as distinctive from other faiths.

Our individual church communities offer different forms of worship, some deliberately tuned into young family life, others take a more traditional form. You can find out more of each church's worship pattern in their web pages on this site.

Our worship is shaped by the Church of England's forms of worship, some in contemporary language from varied forms of Common Worship, other in traditional according to the Book of Common Prayer.


 It is sometimes helpful to follow a pattern for daily prayers. Some suggestions are available in the Daily Prayer link opposite